South Sudanese artists lack promotions in Sudan- Chico

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Benoni Mawa Charles, a South Sudanese rapper known by the stage name Chico has said that there are so many talented South Sudanese artists in Sudan but lack promotion.

He made these remarks in an interview with Juba Monitor on Monday at Nyakuron Cultural Centre.

The rapper/singer gave an example of himself doing music for fourteen years in Sudan but none of his songs have ever been played in any media in Khartoum.

Chico said despite many recording studios, the songs from South Sudanese artists are not heard in radio stations but only at functions organized by South Sudan Embassy in Sudan.

“It is very difficult to rock the Sudanese music industry for South Sudanese artists, because of lack of promotions. It is very difficult for one to listen to his or her song being played on the radio. We only promote our music during community gatherings, where fellow South Sudanese come to attend,” said Chico.

Vetoman, a South Sudanese artist based in Cairo said promotion beyond South Sudan is difficult and added that the problem is not only in Sudan but all over the world.

Deng Mayol, a South Sudanese artist based in Khartoum also shared with Juba Monitor the challenges they face in music promotion in Sudan.

“The biggest problem is the medium to reach our fans, as the media do not play South Sudanese music. Another challenge is finance for recording songs as most of us, the artists are students in Sudan”, said Deng.

For Chico, who revealed all the problems facing South Sudanese artists in Sudan as far as music promotion is concerned, said he has made adequate steps to come back to South Sudan to promote his music.

“I have been doing music in Sudan for the last fourteen months but I don’t feel I have achieved anything. I have returned home (South Sudan) to promote my music and see how far it will go.

Chico is just among the many South Sudanese talents doing music in Sudan.

Chico further revealed that music legends such as Emmanuel Kembe, General Paulino and CJ Oman among other South Sudanese artists music are loved by majority of Sudanese.






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