South Sudanese are like a balanced diet

By Agar Mayor Gai

In the science world, milk is believed to be the most appropriate food for young people because it contains all food values that are required by the body in their respective proportions.  It is also well known in our various cultures and experiences that those kids that were majorly fed on milk in their teen ages tend to be resistant to some petty infections and thus they are always fit to handle any difficulty that comes their way.

So in context with our title, a social idea can be derived from that concept of a balanced diet. Take South Sudan; we have 64 tribes in our country. These tribes have different cultures and norms that constitute their distinct identities. Most are blessed with vast talented people, others don’t have but later in the end none will even complain of not being gifted because he/she feels proud of his/her country mate.  Others have enough minerals that some people never possessed in their areas but fortunately they are utilized for everyone’s consumption.

Some people have good cultures of which your country mate can adopt and use for his social status.  Some people may lack just what to eat but because they have you as their neighbour with groundnuts, their children will not sleep with empty stomachs.  A number of persons may have nowhere to sleep but in your presence with your small thatched house, that man or woman won’t be affected by various harsh weather conditions.  He will be covered with you in that cave of yours because you share the same pains and sufferings. And in this way, we are like a balanced diet.

All these good things will happen when the inhabitants have realized how important each and every tribe is to their nation’s success in all aspects of life. So it is high time we acknowledge each other and know that without Gatkuoth, Agar, Wani, Pagan,  Kwaje,  our country can’t go forward. We can’t be productive in absence of the other but instead may be vulnerable to all the worlds’ challenges. We can say that we are among the top blessed nations in the universe. But why do we misuse these blessings? We are bringing curses to our own land. We kill ourselves and by doing so, you are like a person who cuts a branch of tree that he/she is sitting on. You are terminating the life of a guy who might have complemented you in any area of your weakness.

Let’s not be like a child who refuses to take milk and prefer posho instead but later in the end gets affected with food deficiency diseases because he/she rejected the food with all values of a healthy living. We already possess the right meal in our store houses and we shouldn’t refuse or confuse it with other bad components of life. This meal is the great 64 tribes of South Sudan.  I am so proud to have been naturally placed in this great nation.

May God bless the 64 tribes of South Sudan.

The writer is a high school student and he is reachable via Mobile: 0925287767

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