South Sudanese advised to understand visa waiver policy

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

South Sudanese national living in Uganda were advised to understand visa waiver policy.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Deputy Immigration attaché at the embassy Mark Mayen said that the  occasion was meant to enlighten South Sudanese in Uganda to correctly understand the meaning of “Visa Waiver” between Republic of South Sudan and Republic of Uganda including its technicalities.

“Visa waiver does not mean South Sudanese or Ugandans as well as members of the East African Community come to Uganda and stay forever, the visa waiver means coming to visit for a specific period of time and go back to your country of origin according to the period given to travelers by immigration officials at the points of entry,”

He added that the embassy advised South Sudanese living in Uganda to always respect the laws of Uganda for better bilateral relations with Uganda as sisterly country in Africa who hosted great number of refugees including our own citizens.

He revealed that he appealed to South Sudanese living in Uganda to look for official documentations such as passports, student’s passes (Visas) for students, studying in Uganda as legal means used to support your legal stay in Uganda just to avoid challenges.

“The policy of visa waivemeans how it should be handled without citizens of member states having problems with the host country, for example when South Sudanese visit Uganda he or she will be given free entry visa for specific days and that visiting citizen must go back according to the days given in the point of entry failure to obey that policy will lead to fine according to Immigration and regulations protocol in a given country. An immigration official was responding to claims some people complained that they were given few days and some South Sudanese people completely misunderstood the policy of visa waiver as an open entry without restrictions when in its real sense meaning, entry is free but never overstay in host sisterly country beyond given days simple.

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