South Sudan will not evacuate students from China

By: Kitab A Unango

South Sudan Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China has called on the government not to evacuate the students from China amid outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.

Following the recent outbreak of the deadly coronavirus which has led to more than 500 deaths, most countries have withdrawn their students from China.

Ambassador, John Anduruga Duku said South Sudanese students in different parts of China were all secured as the host government was doing its best to contain the disease.

“Minister, we are fine here in China, our students in various Universities in Wuhan city, the epicenter of novel Coronavirus crises are fine, no one is sick including students in other Universities in China,” he said.

“As Head of Mission in China, my recommendation to you and the leadership is to advise the parents and relatives who have students in Wuhan City and other cities in China, it is not advisable to evacuate any student from China to South Sudan,” Anduruga said.

He added, “The Chinese government does not recommend evacuation of students and nonstudent residents of any country from China but if some countries want to evacuate their citizens from China, they’re free to do so with their own arrangements. I am not in favour of evacuation because of the following reasons.”

In a statement extended to the Foreign Ministry, accessed by Juba Monitor yesterday, Anduruga said China stood in solidarity with the country adding it was high time that the government of South Sudan stand in solidarity with China in its efforts to control the spread of the disease.

“The government and people of South Sudan should stand in solidarity with People and government of China in their efforts to control and minimize the spread of the novel Coronavirus,” the letter read in part.

The People’s Republic of China stood in solidarity with people of South Sudan at our most difficult time in 2013 and 2016 during the unfortunate crises in South Sudan. It’s high time South Sudan return the favour of solidarity to China.

“The Chinese government public statement is that it will remember true friends who stood with them at this time of their greatest need for true friends. They did not hide their feeling in regards to the current novel Coronavirus crises challenges,” he added.

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