South Sudan water corporation receive two vehicles

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudan Urban Water Corporation was yesterday commissioned with two vehicles to enable it implement the resilient water project for improved Livelihoods in Juba by African Development Bank.

Andrew Mbiro, the Task Manager of Water Portfolio South Sudan (African Development Bank) said the bank was committed to facilitate access of clean water to the people of South Sudan to keep them healthy.

“African Development Bank is happy to be part of this project to improve water access and improve the health of the people of this country. The project creates jobs and capacity building for the locals and we will continue to support this project,” said Mbiro.

Yar Paul Kuol, the Managing Director of South Sudan Urban water Corporation said that the project was aimed at benefitting the people of South Sudan, so that everyone had access to clean tap water in his or her home in the span of four years.

She added that the project aimed at rehabilitating the water distribution network in Juba city and to reach out to the areas that were not connected.

“Today we are happy to receive this project that will help people to receive clean water and through the support of African Development Bank, this project is going to equip the Corporation with skills to serve the people better “said Yar

Yar added that four years from now, the residents of Juba will have tap water in each household.

The Resilient water project for improved live hoods in Juba was launched on the 16th of February 2017 and approved by African Development Bank on the 14th of July 2017.

The project aims at improving access to sustainable water supply in the project area, improved water system functionality and improved health and productivity of the population.

The project is also aimed at reducing water borne diseases and when completed approximately 230,000 resident and transient population of Juba will benefit from it.

The project office was also commissioned by the support of the government that gave land for the construction.

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