South Sudan traffic laws to be amended

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Any law apply in the country is to guide people to do the right things. It was not made to punish an individuals or drivers with small mistakes occurred on the roads.  The law that said if the door of the car is opening on the left side, the owner should pay 10,000 South Sudanese Pounds in order to allow the car move for the period of one month.   And it is not clear whether when the document expired and would it be renewed after one month or not.

If the owner of the car has no money to pay as mentioned above, they (traffic officers) would just asked any amount to be paid as punishment, and that money has no cash payment document for remittance. Such kinds of law need to be reviewed. On the other hand, traffic officers in the field should provide cash document when collecting any money for purpose of transparency and accountability.  For the matter of cars that doors opening left side, uncertainty that government authorities don’t want them, otherwise they shouldn’t allowed traders bringing them and sell in the country. If it is not available locally, nobody will buy them.

  Otherwise, anything accepted by the government should not be an obstacle to the customers, for the reason that those cars were purchased with the approval of the government authorities. They entered in the country legally. Addition to that they allowed traders to sell to the clients.  It is unfair for a person to buy a car, which was allowed by the authorities into the country and being punished from time to time. Then, authorities would enlighten citizens on traffic laws in radio and Television with local languages accordingly, so that people understand traffic laws and other laws that govern them on the roads, like traffic lights at the roundabouts.

However, any system applied in the country is not supposed to affect citizens or drivers, instead to improve them for better living. The laws applied must guide not punish.

May God bless us all.

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