South Sudan to receive 336,000 dozes of Johnson & Johnson Vaccines

By Yiep Joseph

South Sudan to receive 336 000 Johnson &Johnson vaccines as donation from the American People tomorrow.

During the weekly briefing at Public Health Emergency Operation Centre (PHEOC), Brendan Dineen World Health Organization COVAX Coordinator revealed that the country would receive 336000 more dozes of Johnson and Johnson vaccines tomorrow.

“On Tuesday in the morning, we would receive another 336,000 Johnson and Johnson Vaccines dozes confirmed two days ago” Brendan said.

“There are more vaccines in the pipeline as we communicated it last week additional qualities has been approved and we are waiting for further 936,000 Johnson&Johson dozes as well as another 44000 John& Johnson, all of which have been accepted by the Ministry of Health” he added. 

Sacha Boostma incident manager covid-19 at WHO South Sudan revealed that the country is still Omicron Virus free with no single case detected.

She called on the citizens to be alert and follow all the covid-19 preventive measures as outlined by WHO and the Ministry of Health.

Mabior Kiir Kudior AG Manager of Public Health Emergency Operation Centre mentioned that there is increased in cases of infections in Central Equatoria State compared to the other states and Administrations Areas.

In this weekly briefing, Central Equatoria state registered 527 compared to the other states and Administrative Areas.

He called on the citizens to follow all the preventive measures during the Christmas and new year celebrations.

he recommended everybody to put on Face-mask and use hands sanitizers always.

“With Christmas coming in there is need for the public to ensure that they follow all protective measures in place, put on your facemask, have hand sanitizers and keep social distances” Mabior said.

He encouraged all the churches to have all the covid-19 preventive measures in place during the celebrations. 

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