South Sudan to celebrate International Boxing Day

By John Agok

South Sudan Boxing Federation (SSBF) announced yesterday its readiness to join the World for the annual celebration of International Boxing’s Day (IBD) in Juba.

Martin Akim the Secretary General for South Sudan Boxing Federation (SSBF) told press conference held at National Olympic Committee premises, South Sudan boxers would be celebrating the Day under the theme: “United for Peace” and bringing together all the six boxing clubs in Juba to partake in the event at South Sudan Basketball Stadium.

Akim revealed that, Since South Sudan joined the International Boxing Federation in 2012, with capacity of internal boxing from 18 to 20, and South Sudan federation is likely seen to be affiliated to African Boxing Confederation (ABC).

“We are very optimistic despite challenges facing us know that, we can shine South Sudan boxing Federation in the limelight of international arena”, he said.

He encouraged young people to join boxing games since it is the one of vital sport activity which shape you for physical fitness.

“We wish that, the Ministry of General Education to educate children especially, both boys and girls to know the value of joining Boxing game as most of important sport activity. It can promote healthy sound mind as it is a game of intellectual mindset, and not only that, it promoted peace and unity among people”, he added.

Akim admitted that, several challenges facing their federation particularly, the lack of funds from donors that should have supported the activities.

“We wrote proposal through Ministry of Sports to provide for us funds but no headway till now. We are expecting support from our international federation and so forth”, he underscored.

Meanwhile, Kuol Kur the head coach for Boxing teams cautioned the fans and those who are passionate to join Boxing sports to be discipline enough and respect the rules of Boxing in the Country.

“We are advising those who develop interest to join boxing sport to be very discipline and follows our guidelines. Boxing is not a violence game but a game of high discipline for fitness and for health purpose”, he said.

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