South Sudan receives MEGA T farming technology

SelvarajahA. M,Dosh motors director of operations at his office

in Juba [photo by Slivano Yokwe]

By Sheila Ponnie

Over 20 farming machines known as MEGAT 15 have been imported by a private firm to boost agricultural activities in the country.

The MEGA T machines that have both the tractors and tillers aimed at equipping farmers to meet the skyrocketing demandto increase food production.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Selvarajah A. M. Dosh motors director of operations said the MEGA T machine is the first of its kind in South Sudan and Africa as a whole.

“We have brought these MEGA T machine to South Sudan and by bringing them we can probably say we brought these machines to Africa for the first time,”Selvarajah said.

He added that the MEGA T farming initiative does not end in South Sudan alone but its hallbe extended to the other regions within Africa.

According to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification report (IPC) released on February, nearly 7 million people could face acute food insecurity at the height of this lean season of May and July.

The report highlights a worsening security situation across the country as the number of people needing food assistance in the post-harvest period has increased by 13 percent in January 2019.

With this new tool small scale farmers can improve productivity to address food short fall.

The Director of Dosh Motors said he was confident that the small scale farmers would now afford to buy the machines.

“We have talked to banks, micro finance institutions and we are looking for project or a program where farmers can get grants,”Mr Selvarajah.

He said the farmers should not worry about the maintenance of the tractors as they were ready to provide service in the farm.

“In case the machine breaks down during ploughing in the farm, we are ready to offer services in the field. We have complete backup systems in case the machines encounters technical fault,” he said.


Mega T 15 Revolutional Farm machines











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