South Sudan Peace in 2022

Odongo Odoyo

South Sudan is undergoing the political process of transitioning from violence to peace through the implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan in 2022. The majority of the observation statements issued by various observers in and outside the country are expressing doubt that the process for implementing the peace agreement is below expectation, especially with regards to the implementation of the transitional security arrangements.

All officials’ statements issued by RJMEC, CTSAMVM, Troika and civil society identified that without effective deliverance of the key tasks of the transitional security arrangements by the Revitalized transitional government of national unity, the pathway to peace in South Sudan is impossible. The talk about elections in 2023 will be practical in the terms of observing free and fair national general elections.

Therefore, the parties to the R-ARCSS and the presidency, in particular, are required to really double efforts of political will for delivering the R-ARCSS as expected by the citizens and friends of South Sudan. The ultimate responsibility for making the R-ARCSS implementation successful is within the powers of the members of the presidency in the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity. Blaming others for not creating a conducive environment for genuine implementation of the R-ARCSS is a secondary talk. 

The other essential political process such as permanent constitutional making, transitional justice and general national elections all require law and order to prevail through proper security sector reforms in South Sudan. The betterment of South Sudan is totally depending on the successful implementation of the R-ARCSS in 2022.

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