South Sudan on path to desertification

By Hashim Musa Nol

The persistent culture of cutting down trees for charcoal, timber and forest burning will ultimately lead to a serious desertification in the country.

Dear readers, the constant cycle of illegal cutting of trees has become a major concern despite alerts raised over the same.

Forests play key roles in our environmental ecosystem because they absorb carbon dioxide and heats from the sun and other sources.

Destroying the forest is a major threat to our ecosystem and contributes to climate change effects such as global warming.

It’s our reflection on food security etc. poor rainy season means low cultivation harvest and high starvation.

High starvation leads to weak body immune system that will be the vast gate for myriad health practices, health problems reduce production stage is already at home, low production means decline in economy, and economic decline will dock the country at instability shoreline.

Forest destruction can lead to extinction or migration of rare species of wildlife besides affecting their survival.


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