South Sudan Olympic National Committee prepares for elections

Eng. Stephen Juma Mid, SSNOC president, Amin Tasha veteran Olympian L and Joselin Samson DG L MOYS

By John Agok

The General Assembly for South Sudan National Olympic Committee (SSNOC) yesterday convened to pass the new revised constitution and adopted procedures for upcoming elections.

The fourteen federations and thirteen members of Board of Directors convened one day as a general assembly to deliberate on new amendment of SSNOC constitution and set procedures for upcoming elections next Month. General assembly count thirty day prior elections according to IOC principles.

In the Opening remarks, Eng. Stephen Juma highlighted on 2027-2020 plans and what has been achieved.

“We have achieved several achievements including South Sudan being elected in Zone Five in Cairo and South Sudan participating in Tokyo Olympic 2020 was magnificent and boosted image of the Country”, he said.

Joselin Samson the Director-General in the Ministry of Youth and Information welcome the General Assembly meeting and call on interested candidates to join the race during fair and democratic elections.

“I called upon those interested to run for elections in various positions to turn up and conduct it in fair and democratic elections” she noted.

The General Secretary Dr. Tong Chor Malek moderated the sessions and read out the procedures of General Elections to follow by Electoral Committee.

“The procedure for elections shall be as follows: Nomination forms shall be sent to all the voting members of the General Assembly no later than thirty (30) days prior to elections along with the notice of the meeting.

 Nominations may be submitted by any voting members of the General Assembly to the Secretariat of the SSNOC no later than fourteen (14) days prior to elections.

 If there is are more than two candidates and none of them obtains at least 50% + 1 of the votes validly cast in the first round, there shall be rerun for second time”, it reads.   

 SSNOC last election was in February 2017 and the incumbent Eng. Stephen Juma won and was recognized by IOC. IOC welcome South Sudan National Olympic to 128th s session and be count into 206 NOC in Kuala Lumpur 2015.

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