South Sudan Olympic Committee signs MoU with potential Investor

By John Agok

National Olympic Committee and South Sudan National Youth Union yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Nikola Tesla Foundation International to construct two main infrastructure projects.

The South Sudan National Olympic Committee (SSNOC) and South Sudan National Youth Union (SSYU) signed MoU with The Nikola Tesela Foundation in an interest to construct infrastructure on sport projects in the Country.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by Amin Akasha the South Sudanese Sport legend and Shid Khalil Nila Gada of Sudan Shakoor Project.

The investor Mr. Goran Zubic pledged to bring other donors with similar interest to invest in Youth and sports projects. The SSNOC President Mr. Stephen Juma revealed that, the MoU will be implementing two infrastructure projects.

He said that, the investor will construct SSNOC complex or stadium in Juba and also construct South Sudan National Union Centre.

“These two projects originated since 2019 through the Ministry of Youth and Sport initiative and the purpose of this MoU is to implement the two main infrastructure projects, the Olympic complex stadium and they will also construct SSYU Center”, he said.

Juma echoed that, the two projects will be spearheaded by Tesela Foundation with support from the International Olympic Committee.

“The investor Goran Zubic will lead the implementation of these projects with help from the International Olympic Committee. The construction will begin phase by phase in its implementation”, he added.

Goran Zubic emphasized on government commitment into MoU and this will add weight to their speedy work.

“We will rely on government commitment to expedite the Memorandum of Understanding implementations and we will catch up with construction “, said the investor.

Zubic promised to bring not only technology into the Country but building the personnel here.

“We will not just bring technology into the Country but expertise to build the capacity of personnel here”, he said.

Nevertheless, Gola Boyoi the President of SSNYU highlighted three main projects that will benefit National Youth in the Country.

“We have three projects that includes; Youth Enterprise development Fund, Youth Building project by UNDP and Youth Centre in Juba”, he said.

Gola decried the lack of government in funding the youth projects due to absent of youth bill being assent by the parliament.

“We are relying on partners to fund youth projects due to the lack ofthe youth bill being signed by parliament”, he underscored.

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