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South Sudan, Kenya to start Ilemi border demarcation

By Kidega Livingstone

After years of disputes over the Ilemi Triangle, border communities of Kenya and South Sudan will hope to settle their clashes if the two governments start demarcation of the border in three months.

Last week, leaders of the Turkana County in Kenya and Kapoeta state of South Sudan signed an agreement to solve border conflicts between the two communities following last month’s agreement signed by Foreign Affairs Minister Nhial Deng Nhial and Kenyan Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mr. Simon Karlo, Kapoeta State Minister of Information stated that the new Memorandum of Understanding gives power to a new border committee formed by the communities from Kenya and South Sudan to create awareness and  sensitize locals of Turkana of Kenya, Toposa and Nya’ngathom of South Sudan about the planned border demarcation.

Mr. Karlo said the committee will start its sensitization work by next week.

“This new Memorandum of Understanding opened for us the way to demarcate new line to determine our disputed land that is taken by Kenya. We have a lot of land taken by Kenya along the border because our border actually ends toward Lake Turkana and this land is occupied by the Kenyan government,” Karlo told Juba Monitor in an interview.

He said the sensitization activity will cover eight locations-four from both South Sudan and the Kenyan side.

“They will jointly go to both sides to sensitize our people and after ninety days they will kick off the demarcation,” Karlo added.

According Mr. Karlo, 18 officials from the Government of South Sudan and Kenya will witness the demarcation because they have all evident documents required for the border points.

“There is demarcation points or line that they know from 1901, 1903 and 1926 that give us right to claim back our disputed land that is now happening,” said Mr. Karlo.

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