South Sudan, Kenya to reach visa-free agreement

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudan and Kenya are set to sign an agreement exempting nationals from the two countries from producing visa during cross-border movements.

An impeccable source said the agreement that shall facilitated free movements across the two nations accepts the two countries has been drafted and only waiting the signatures from the representatives of the East African nations.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Kenyan Ambassador to South Sudan Chris Mburu confirmed the development saying the paper is waiting to be signed.

“The process is still but only the two directors of immigration of Kenya and South Sudan should meet, they already have the agreement, it’s only a matter of signing then before it’s effected,” said Mburu.

The idea is to wave visa for citizens off both countries, meetings have been held in Juba and the next one is going to take place in Nairobi later this year.

“It’s through the meeting in Nairobi that the two directors shall sign the visa waver agreement, the meeting should have taken place but because of so many things going on, it didn’t,” Mburu said.

There is no specified date that the visa waver agreement between South Sudan and Kenya will be signed but the Ambassador insists that it is not far too long until the agreement is implemented.

Thousands of South Sudanese live and study in Nairobi and once the agreement is signed, many are bound to benefit.

The visa waver agreement will also benefit thousands of Kenyans working and doing businesses in South Sudan.

Currently, South Sudan enjoys visa-free movements to Rwanda and Tanzania but continues to pay visa while travelling to Kenya and Uganda.

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