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South Sudan good for business, says Tri-Star CEO

By Peter James Loruba

Visiting Tri-Star CEO Eugene Mayne has hailed South Sudan as a good and conducive place for business.

Tri-Star made their entry into South Sudan in 2007 establishing themselves as one of the biggest companies in the country carrying out various business ventures from logistics, aviation, petroleum, environmental protection, managing greenhouse gas and carrying on developmental projects.

Mayne who occasionally visits South Sudan to monitor his business ventures has observed some changes that he said he believes are good for the economic development of the country.

“Right from landing you can see new structures most especially the new airport terminal. It’s good to see number of hotels springing up.  It means the people are open to more investors which is also a good sign for the economy,” Eugene said.

“We are very grateful for the welcome that we were given right from the time we came here in 2007. It is like our 2nd home. Most of the employees here feel very much at home, it’s a great help for us we feel safe,” he added.

With the country struggling with inflation, the businessman thinks it is only normal considering the current state of global economy.

“All currencies within the regions have had some inflation so it is not exclusively to South Sudan we have to be prepared,” he added.

Mayne’s coming has been a blessing to some people. He signed a three year contract with the South Sudan Football Association worth USD300, 000 with USD 100,000 each year to pay the salary of the national team coach and assistant, and sponsor the team’s jerseys.

He also commissioned a new classroom block at Gabat Primary School and a fully furnished computer laboratory, which will be followed by installation of solar panels to the school. Gumbo Primary School will also benefit the same way.

“It is important for the children to understand technology so that they can know whatever is happening in the world just like the other children in the other parts of the world,” he reasoned.

Mayne has a lot in plan for his business empire and the people of South Sudan. He plans to work with the Bill Gates Foundation on health initiatives to improve the lives of people in the country.

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