South Sudan Football Association Suspend Club Officials

By Kei Emmanuel Duku

In an emergency meeting held on the 30th August, the administration of South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) suspended two senior clubs officials from Wau Local Football Association. Ahmed Mohammed (Bush), Geoffrey Marcello club president for Al-Hilal and Amal-Elhoura respectively has been suspended for a period of one year from all football related activities.

According to the statement released by SSFA, the suspension of the two club officials is in conformity with article number 42 of SSFA general regulations under chapter VII.

“It is not permissible for any coach, or member in an association, committee or a club to publicize a release, comment or talk in any of the means of media defaming any association, sports institution, referee, coach or member of an association or sports institution, anyone who violate this shall be suspended not to exercise sports activity for a period not exceeding one year and it is permissible to write or comment on a subject on condition that shall be incompliance with decent and objective manner”  reads article 42.

However, According to Mohammed the club President of Hilal FC Wau said they were suspended for forming a committee as such it was unfair because it was general suspensions without classifying the kind of crime.

“SSFA was unable to differentiate between my crime and that of my friend Geoffrey which is not fair, if it’s the issue of the committee we formed, we were brought in by members of the clubs in Wau” said Mohammed.

He further stated that the purpose of the committee formed was to look into the administrative gaps within Wau Local Football Association (WLA).

 “We formed this Committee to look into 3 things, first we need to conduct elections within the clubs in WLA because by the time we go for elections here in WLA our clubs are organized with all the necessary structures in place because in November or December we will have elections, secondly we heard that COVID- 19 grants will be given to the State will have FA’s $10,000 each and this body want to know how this money will be used by WLA and clubs, lastly our President of WLA have resigned. So these are some of the reasons why we formed this body, we don’t form this body for any other reasons” he stated.

He further said the criteria used by SSFA in allocating the FIFA COVID-19 grants to local Football Association is not fair because same states have more one FA but without functional leagues.

“Look at Upper Nile they have Nasir, Renk, Malakal, and Melut as such they will go with big amount of money yet some of the associations don’t have consistent league compared to other State FA’s like Wau, Juba and the rest” he stressed.

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