South Sudan Football Association in Uganda reconstitutes electoral body

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Uganda.

South Sudan Football Association in Uganda has dissolved its governing body and reconstituted electoral committee mandated to organize the elections of the new body.

The formation for the new electoral committee was held at Embassy and supervised by Embassy officials including Mark Mayen Wol who was presiding over of an organization preparing for next elections planned to take place in near future as part of a reorganization of South Sudan Football Association in Uganda.

Speaking on behalf of reconstituted Electoral Committee, Marial Mabior Adel, the Information Secretary told Juba Monitor that, the committee would provide a free and fair elections to elect leaders that could promote peace and unity among players irrespective of tribes and regional grouping. Adel commented that the candidates to contest should consider the spirit of patriotism to help reunite the people to live in peace amongst ourselves regardless of regions or tribes and focus on common goal that put South Sudan on world map nothing else.

Meanwhile, Newland Khan, the outgoing chairperson said that the dissolved leadership came to its effect on Saturday 30thOctober last month and it served to inform all members and South Sudanese football fans in Uganda.Generally, the executive federation under general assembly held on Monday 1st November, 2021 of which an interim body was formed to take over and organize for election, all the procedures would be under the supervision of embassy of South Sudan in Kampala.

Therefore, all South Sudanese players interested to contest for any position in the new offices to feel free to express their leadership skills and voters could vote for them, he added.

The same sentiment was reiterated by the education attaché at South Sudan Embassy Ustaz Lual Akol Nhial who called on South Sudanese players in Kampala to be reflecting the spirit of the national team “Bright Star of South Sudan”, because the best players could be amongst them and nothing could stop them from equally participation if they reorganized and form formidable players, he said.

The preparatory meeting was held on Monday, November 1st, 2021 at the South Sudan embassy in Kampala and the meeting allowed members to elect the electoral committee tasked to organize the elections at a later date which should be officially communicated to the public when the time scheduled.

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