South Sudan faces risk of Climate Change

By Khamis Cosmas Lokudu


South Sudan as a country is seriously losing its natural forests. The speed of deforestation in the country may result into environmental degradation in the near future. The rate at which South Sudanese citizens are cutting tress is worrying so much and if it is allowed to continue, then the next generation would find it rough especially when it comes to climate change.

Forests are significance means of survival for rural people in South Sudan, but the uncontrolled business of charcoal as well as timber business is becoming the order of the day which will negatively affect the population and would cause serious climate change.

In high school, I learned that trees are essential to human existence as they provide shelter, food, source of energy and also help to control heavy storm, noise pollution and prevent disasters from harming the people.  However, what I am seeing in my country South Sudan is totally an opposite of the knowledge I acquired. People must understand that absence of trees will definitely contribute to the rise of temperature, if measures are not put in place to prevent deforestation; it means that South Sudan will be among the vulnerable countries to experience acute temperature changes.

In reference to 2009 figures from the ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, forest and savannah lands make up roughly 29 percent of South Sudan’s land area. But according to the Climate Change Vulnerability Index 2017, South Sudan is ranked among the five worst performing in the world. These countries include Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Haiti and Liberia. Projections indicate that in South Sudan, global warming will be felt 2 ½ times more than the global average per the index of 2017.

South Sudan has the opportunity to learn some lessons from the countries affected with disasters and climate change.  However, it will be difficult to confront the future consequences on climate change; the relevant institutions which are tasked with responsibilities on environmental management should have a bold response to the on-going business activity on deforestation across the country in order to safeguard the beautiful natural resources in our mother land.

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