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South Sudan, DRC conduct prayer for peace

By Rose Keji Benjamin

The Congolese nationals living in Juba and South Sudanese people on Saturday held a joined prayer for peace. The peace prayer was organized by the embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Rene Illuime Tembele, DRC ambassador to South Sudan said it is through our prayer that peace will return to both countries.

“Christians do not have weapons, guns, money and power but our weapon is prayer so that peace comes to the country through our heart,” he said.

Speaking to Juba Monitor during the occasion, Ambassador Tembele said peace must begin from our own hearts then it goes to others. “The people of South Sudan should start forgiving one another and forget the past through reconciliation.”

He said the monthly prayer for peace has been going on for months and that it was only suspended due to some challenges.

“We are the problems and we are the solution to the problems. So we need to work very hard to support the government because God tells us to work hard as Christians,” Ambassador Tembele said.

“Peace can only come through our effort and not people from outside. Let do our best and support the government by accepting the National Dialogue as a process of peace in South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),” he added.

He urged all believers in Jesus Christ to accept Him as their personnel savior by following the ten commandments of God.

Ambassador Tembele stressed that the prayer for peace was an opportunity to open the eyes of DRC and South Sudanese citizens to know that prayer is the only solution to their problems.

He said all the faithful must start believing in God and do the right things that always please Him.

“We cannot hate our leaders, they are called by God, and instead we need to support them by giving more power to them,” he said.

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