Was it not a week ago South Sudan was ranked the hungriest country in the world, and just a day after ranking, she came out to ask for the lifting of the recently renewed arms embargo? Instead of using this lump sum of money for feeding the hungered South Sudanese, South Sudan wants to use it for procuring arms which the world surely thinks will cause more harm to the hungered South Sudanese than ever before. If machine guns and other sophisticated weapons can be carried by civilians, how come South Sudan lacks weapons to arm the about-to-be-graduated forces of all the warring parties? Instead of graduating the forces with sticks as the leaders have agreed to, leaders should rethink and re-strategize their delaying tactics by initiating nationwide disarmament to make sure all types of guns are disarmed from the hands of the civilians and used for arming the forces. If that alternative seems not workable, then leaders should unlock their gun stores to arm these forces with the surpluses of arms. And if one may ask anyway, where do South Sudan’s leaders get guns immediately when they rebel against one another? All the warring parties have arms that they have been using in the bush, and so, it gives no meaning to the revitalized peace agreement for the signatories to hide on having no guns to arm the forces with. If the Revitalized Peace Agreement is to be embraced to the fullest, the hungered South Sudanese, whose embracement of peace is disturbed by hunger, should be fed and provided for adequately to make them forget the past completely. Furthermore, the end of the transitional period is nearing and the signatories to the agreement have directed their commitments to lift the arms embargo than to finalizing the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement. Buy food, not guns.       

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