South Sudan Cup 2018 Overview


South Sudan GK Khamis ‘Chibo’ Daniel signed for Juba powerhouse Atlabara FC in January this year, continuing an incredible journey for the Young Bright star.


Analysis by David Mono Danga

This year’s edition of the South Sudan Cup has taken a dramatic swift with a lot of drama ranging from exits of big names to suspension of players due to indiscipline cases.

Starting with the former, the tournament in Juba has witnessed major and most surprising results so far, especially with the exit of Al Hilal FC, the reigning and defending champions of the tournament in Juba were knocked out in the round of 16 by Rainbow FC in penalty shootouts.

Atlabara FC of all clubs also quit the tournament as well as Nasir FC who lost to Nile FC on penalty shouts too. The luckiest team so far is Amarat FC who came from behind twice to beat Etihad FC 3-1 on penalties after the game ended in a two all draws.

Al Meriekh did well with the confortable t3-1 win over Juba United in the last game of the round of 16. Hopefully, the quarter finals which kicked off yesterday between Rabbita FC and Rainbow FC, is going to be more interesting and entertaining than the previous round. (See the fixtures of the quarter finals below)

In Yei, there were even more drama. Apart from the exit of Dreams FC, the defending champions of the South Sudan Cup in Yei, The rarest of all football dramas came in from the Local Football Association when it coincidentally, promoted 10 tens to the quarter finals.

Literally, this means the semis would have to feature five teams. Fortunately, the FA did have a solution to the problem. The Secretary General told Juba Monitor last week how the five semifinal finalists would be sorted out.

According Moro Gabriel, the two teams with lowest goal margin or the one that would have conceded more goals shall have limited chance of proceeding to the semis. In order words these teams shall play a play-off match, of which the winner will be promoted to join the other three times in the Semifinals.

“The Five teams that will win the second round will be sorted and the two that won but conceded many goals or with lowest goal margin, will have a dead chance to qualify to the semifinals,” Secretary Moro had said.

Well the ten teams have played with five teams (Nasir FC, Super Stars, Yei Central, Easter FC and City Stars FC) qualifying for the semis. These five teams will be sorted out by the FA and a playoff match shall surely be held before the real semifinal is held with four teams campaigning.

In Bor, there has been a lot of indiscipline cases right from the start of the competition. And now the local football association can’t crown the champion because the game was called off prematurely last week due to a fight that broke out between the players of the finalists, Koryom FC and Kush FC. The local FA has decided to hold a replay of the match on Tuesday next week. This incident has led to the indefinite suspension of players and club officials.

About 8 players from both teams were suspended from engaging in any sports activities in the country. The Coach of Kush FC, Aluong Dut and Koryom Club Secretary, Ajang Thon, were also suspended for a period of one year for intervening in the fight. The coach of Kush even threatened to boycott the game on Tuesday when the replay will be played in Bor.

Football activities in Bor have always been so chaotic with officials experiencing harassments, intimidation and life threats from players, club managers and sometimes from club managements, no doubt.


South Sudan Cup Juba: Quarter Final Fixtures

Friday 23 March 2018

Rabbita VS Rainbow

Saturday 23th March.

Kator FC VS Nile FC

Sunday 24th March.

Al Meriekh FC VS Amarat FC

Monday 25th March

Malakia VS Munuki

All games are played at Juba Stadium and kicks off at 4: 00PM.

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