South Sudan consumes plenty of false information

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudan is one of the countries in African continents that consume a lot of false information and rumors, the “Defy Hate Now” an organization dealing with fact checking on the information has revealed.

Speaking during the training of the local journalists called (content creators) on fact checking on the false information and rumor on Wednesday, Director for Defy Hate Now organization Mr. Nelson Kwaje said that South Sudanese and those living in the country cannot get reliable information from some sources of the news outlets.

“A report we released shows that people in South Sudan consume a lot of false information and rumors, now we are trying to train content creators that are journalists, bloggers and citizen journalists to check their information before they share with the public or publish,” said Kwaje.

Kwaje said that sharing the information would promote unity and peace as well as stopping hate speech.

“We want to increase the health and accurate information to be shared online,”Kwaje.

Paul Night, one of the trainers said that he will put whatever he learnt into practice.

“As one of the persons giving the information to the public and who is  sharing a lot of information online with this two days training, I have learnt to get my facts right before I share any content”, said Paul.

Paul added that before he was not exposed to fact checking tools and with the knowledge he obtained, he promised to get the right sources.

Adit Makot, a freelance journalist said that she was used to sharing information before fact checking and also analyzing the impact that it would affect the readers.

“We all share information, whether on Facebook, twitter or any social media platform and it is time we fact check the photos”, said Adit.

Dorren Loboka, the Communication Specialist at UNESCO urged the content creators or the trainers to be fact checkers in the country.

“I hope you will become a group of active fact checkers in South Sudan, be known and let’s see a difference in the media sector”, Dorren advised.

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