South Sudan Athletes in Japan pledges best performance

By John Agok

The five South Sudanese including their coach has been given opportunity by Japanese society to host them for training in Maebashi city for two years now, awaiting for Tokyo2020 Olympic Games.

The media conference drawn South Sudanese media houses and freelance journalists to introduce the Athletes to the general public of South Sudan and also relay the message from Athletes back home.

Speaking during the media conference yesterday in Juba via Zoom connecting South Sudanese audience with Athletes in Japan.  Sagara Fuyuki Chief Representative, JICA South Sudan greeted the people and informed people about the challenges and progress of the Athletes in Maebashi city.

“Good morning South Sudan and good afternoon Japan, I would want to thank the people of Maebashi city for hosting the South Sudanese Athletes and ensuring they continue to train despite challenges that includes COVID -19 Pandemic which led to postponement of the event last year”, he said.

Fuyuki applauded efforts exerted by four Athletes and their coach in training hard since 2019 they arrived in Maebashi City.

“JICA has supported in connecting South Sudan Olympic Committee with Maebashi City by sharing information about South Sudan and importance of sports in uniting the people of South Sudan. It was at this background that Maebeshi city decided to host four athletes and a coach to train in a good environment and improve their skills and records in the pre-Olympic /Paralympic camp training in Japan”,  he added.

However, Abraham Majok the captain that run 1500 M sent the message of hope despite challenges in the upcoming Japan Tokyo2020 Olympic.

“We are lacking other medic supplements that might add some diet to health and can make Athletes to run faster. We are optimistic with our performance”, he said.

The Olympic Games remain less than two month for it to kicks off.

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