South Korea’s Solbridge International University establishes office in Juba

By Wek Atak Kacjang

South Korea’s Solbridge International School of Business Woosong University has opened an office in Juba to assist South Sudanese who are willing to study abroad.

The consulting firm based in Juba will assist with placement information for prospective undergraduate students interested to attend college and Universities in USA, Canada, China, Russia, Turkey and Cyprus.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Regional Manager of Solbridge International School of Business Woosong University, Kalu Ibe Ekpeghere said Solbridge is the first business school in Korea with international faculty and students body because 60 to 80 percent of each class are taught in English following American curriculum model.

“I think South Sudan and its people will enjoy it because when we talk about education one of the important things we consider is quality education that let people to become back better. Solbridge School focuses on business in Asia while remaining aware of business implication for government and society. The business program focuses on finance, logistics, marketing and technology and many others courses,” Ibe said.

He added that Solbridge International School is supported by faculty members having a rich industrial and academic expertise, state of the art facilities, and modern technologies that are aimed at nurturing the next generation of global leaders in offered fields, Ibe added.

He revealed that students of Solbridge International School (SIS) have a variety of opportunities to obtain practical experience and develop professional skills in their selected field of study via internships in Korea and countries located throughout the world.

“Students can enrol in numerous exchange and dual-degree programs to study abroad and develop a genuinely global perspective. During the 1st academic year, students have available intensive English language program taught by experienced professors if they require language improvement,” Ibe said.

Ibe empathized that students are admitted based on past academic achievements and English language performance scores.

Newly admitted full-time students are awarded with up to 70% scholarship covering tuition and enrolment fees based on cumulative GPA and English test score if applicable, Ibe said.

The Executive Director for Gaani Study Abroad, David Gaaniko said Solbridge is one of the common universities in South Korea his company has partnered with.

“They selected me to be representative because South Sudanese have faced a lot of challenges with issuance of visa when they visit South Korea that is why we invite students to come so that they should not be too much process of interview,” said Mr Gaaniko.

“Solbridge International School is partial private school but there is discount in tuition fees being one of the best business schools in the whole of Asia but most of the students here normally face challenges like somebody traveling to China or Russia,” he added.

Mr. Gaaniko said job opportunity as the first challenge for students has been solved since Solbridge is having partnership with many companies like Samsung, LG and many others that offer trainings and job opportunities.

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