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South Korea remembers Fr.Dr John Lee contribution in S. Sudan

By Staff writer

South Korean’s President Moon Jae-In remembers the late Fr.Dr John Lee, whose contributions to the needy are felt across South Sudan.

The Korean President while addressing young football players from South Sudan said that it was through the ten years sacrifice and devotional contribution in Tonj of Warrap State that the late Fr.Dr Lee left a positive mark of his contribution to the people of South Sudan.

“South Sudan is well known to us South Koreans, through the heart moving story of Fr. Dr. John Lee who served as a medical doctor, teacher and priest,” said President Moon Jae-In

President Moon Jae-In also revealed to the South Sudan delegation that he and Fr. Dr. John Lee graduated from the same high school called Kyung Nam High School.

Fr.Dr. John Lee who passed away in 2010, served in South Sudan for ten years and in memory of his work, South Sudanese team of under 15, had the chance to play with the South Korean team, share light moments with the South Korean President Moon Jae.

The team also visited the cemetery where Fr.Dr John Lee was laid to rest. The trip for the under 15 football team was organized by the  Korean Mission in South Sudan through its head, Kee Choon Kim and sponsored by the Fr. Dr John Lee foundation whose brother Fr. Joseph Lee also accompanied the delegation to meet the President. (See photos Page 8).


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