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Members of Poultry Farming Association attending a meeting at South Farmers Company Ltd (Photo: Elia Joseph)

By Elia Joseph Loful

Poultry farmers will soon get support from South Farmers Company Limited as part of empowering them in poultry farming.

This came up on Thursday last week in their monthly meeting at the site in Gurei to discuss ways of continuing poultry farming.

Speaking to the press, Mr. James Nyikole, Director of the company said the company planned to extend credit to the farmers in inform of broilers and chicken feeds.

“The support is to empower members on poultry production and encourage them to focus on production of broiler breeds. The purpose we are targeting the broilers is because the breeds are resistant to several diseases,” Nyikole said.

He said the company wanted to popularize the program of out growers to produce the broilers breeds of chicken through the members’ group.

“In any country if you want to develop the poultry sector, it is the broilers that are consumed in continental hotels,” Nyikole said.

He said the exotic layers can produce nearly 350 eggs in a year while the broiler type can make upto 250 eggs in a year.

The broiler breed known as “the bird of hope” is good for poverty eradication. He encouraged farmers to rear it because it grows up in a short period.

Mr. Nyikole said the company offers some services such as feeds, vaccines, fertilizers, trainings, and others to members.

He appealed to non-governmental organizations to extend revolving grant to the farmers.

He said the company produces fresh chicken within the country without applying chemicals on the breeds.

Mr. Nyikole said they were reopening the production after a long time when the company lost several parenting breeds during the 2016 crisis.

“We are targeting 100 out growers in the next one year in Juba city. Secondly, we are going to also extend basically 100 percent broilers and the vaccines to the selected farmers,” Nyikole said.

He urged the farmers participating in the meeting to concentrate on production and called upon the government to provide security to farmers running the business to meet the needs of the local people.

Mr. Nyikole argued that the frozen chickens imported to the country from outside might pose some health complications to the citizens.

He stated that the source of production of the frozen chicken is unknown to the citizens.

“We want to see that our own people in this country, in Juba city are able to eat fresh chicken and live fresh because fresh chicken is good for their health,” Mr. Nyikole said.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the poultry farmers’ association, Mr. Gama Oscar said they want to see how they can overcome the challenges of keeping poultry farming through revolving fund.

“We are appealing to the partners to extend to us revolving fund so that it helps farmers to borrow from the pool,” Gama said.

Mary Sitina Yapete, said rearing of the poultry generated her good income that sustains her family and helps her to pay school fees for three children who have graduated from university in Uganda.

“I want to restart but my challenge is the infrastructure for keeping the chickens broke down,” Yapete said.

She added that she stopped production when the war broke out in 2013 but set to restart the business this year.

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