South Sudan Investment Road Show concluded in Johannesburg, South Africa with news that South Africa plans to introduce flights to Juba.

Last week, South Africa was awash with news about South Sudan’s capital Juba being the next business frontiers for its airlines. The flights will be between South Sudan-Nairobi and Juba.

South Sudanese Ambassador Mou Mou Ring, inaugurated the “South Sudan Investment Roadshow” at the prestigious Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg on 24th April 2019.

While arrangements were made for 75 to 100 participants, everyone was taken by surprise when 150 Corporate Leaders from South Africa registered and attended the South Sudan Road Show.

A high-level government delegation comprising of Hon. Salvatore Garang Mabiordit, Minister of Finance & Planning, Hon. Paul Mayom Akech, Minister of Trade, Industry and East African, Onyoti Adigo Nyikwac, Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Hon. Gabriel Thokuj Deng, Minister of Mining, Dr. Abraham Maliet Matuet and Hon. Eng. Awow. Daniel Chuang, Director General of Petroleum Authority of the Ministry of Petroleum of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan, Dr. Chol Deng Abel.

NILEPET Managing Director & CEO visited New York on 12th April 2019 at “The Peninsula Hotel.

This highly successful “South Sudan Investment Road Show” saw the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Hon. Mtho Xulu, President of South Africa Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SACCI) and Dr. Abraham Maliet Mamer, Secretary General, South Sudan Investment Authority.

The MOU called for closer interaction between the two countries in areas of Agriculture (contract farming), Mining (Advisory Services in Mining), Energy, Infrastructure, Information Technology & Food Processing.

The highlight of the meeting was the clarion call made by all for starting direct flight between Juba & Johannesburg to further bring impetus to business relationship  between South Sudan & South Africa,

Mr. James Taban, Chief Operating Officer of Stanbic Bank, who participated in a a panel entitled “Conversation and Q&A : Investing in South Sudan – Making it Simpler to access Opportunities” emphasized the role played by Stanbic Bank in assisting corporates in South Sudan in enhancing their business.

The other panel members included Hon. Dr. Abraham Maliet Mamer, Secretary General, South Sudan Investment Authority, Hon. Eng, Caeser Oliha Marko, Chairman, National Petroleum & Gas Commission of the Republic of South Sudan and Mr. Richard Raja, Co-Founder and Director, Trinity Energy Ltd.

Taban called upon South African Industry to take advantage of the various financing facility that Stanbic Bank can extend to South African Companies.

The highlight of the “South Sudan Investment Roadshow” was the key note address by Hon. Eng. Awow Daniel Chuang, Director General of Petroleum Authority, and Ministry of Petroleum of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan, who gave a broad outline of the various Petroleum Blocks that are available for Investment from South African Companies.

The Investment Road Show concluded with the Networking lunch arranged by Ms. Aziza, CEO of AZ Media, New York whose team played an important role in arranging the South Sudan Investment Road Show and making it a success in Washington DC, New York, Dubai and in Johannesburg, South Africa,

A cocktail dinner was later hosted by Mr. N.J. Ayuk, Centurion Law Group, to round off all the events in South Africa connected to the South Sudan Investment Roadshow.

About 57 participants attended the Washington Roadshow and presentations were made on diverse sectors like Mining, Agriculture, Fisheries, Food processing, Petroleum etc.

Prominent among the entities who attended were, Orrick, DSC Dredge, Bechtel, APR Energy, Kearney Africa, Northen Resource among others.

Dr. Benedict Oramah, President of African Export Import Bank (Afreximbank) , in his keynote address told the gathering how South Sudan became a member of the Bank less than 2 years back and in this period Afreximbank has extended facilities of more than US $ 200 Million for diverse sectors like Agriculture, petroleum products, etc..

He informed the gathering that the bank is ready to co-invest with them for projects in South Sudan.

He announced that the Board of Directors of Afrexim Bank two weeks back approved a US $ 500 Million financing facility for the Republic of South Sudan.

The majority of the funds will go towards quick impact projects as well as for “Advisory Services” in diverse fields like contract farming, mining etc…

The Washington Roadshow concluded with a Networking event wherein the participants closely interacted with the South Sudanese delegation.

We invite corporates who missed the US Roadshow to register themselves for the Dubai or Johannesburg by logging into

 MARCH 27TH 2019 – 4TH APRIL 2019

 Wednesday March 27: Full day meetings

  • Flight from DC to New York:
    • Delta; 6:00 PM departs DC/7:35 PM arrives NYC
    • American; 7:00 PM departs DC/8:30 PM arrives NYC
    • American; 7:40 PM departs DC/9:05 PM arrives NYC
    • United; 10:00 PM departs DC/11:10 PM arrives NYC

Thursday March 28: Full day event in New York City – opportunity for the delegation to stay in New York on Friday for additional meetings and/or rest/ Or to leave directly for South Africa

Friday March 29 – Saturday March 30: departure to Johannesburg

Flights from NYC to Johannesburg (arrival the next day. 14h flight)

  • South African Airways; 10:40AM Departs NY/8:05 AM Arrives Johannesburg
  • 14 hours, 50 minute flight; Non stop; Arrives NEXT DAY
  • Emirates flights are minimum 23 hours with one connection

Sunday March 31: Rest

Monday April 1st: Full day event in Johannesburg

Tuesday April 2nd: opportunity for private meetings in the morning – Departure to Dubai doable morning/afternoon / evening

  • Flights Johannesburg to Dubai
  • Emirates; 10:30 Departs Johannesburg/20:35 (8:35 PM) Arrives Dubai
  • 8 hour, 5 minute non-stop flight
  • Emirates; 13:40 (1:40 PM) Departs Johannesburg/23:59 (midnight) Arrives Dubai
  • 8 hour, 19 minute non-stop flight
  • Emirates; 19:10 (7:10 PM) Departs Johannesburg/5:25 AM Arrives Dubai
  • 8 hour, 15 minute non-stop flight. Arrives NEXT DAY
  • Emirates; 22:20 (10:20 PM) Departs Johannesburg/8:20 AM Arrives Dubai
  • 8 hour non-stop flight. Arrives NEXT DAY

Wednesday April 3rd: arrival / rest – opportunity for individual meetings in the afternoon

Thursday April 4th: Full day event


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