Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

My colleague and friend was up and down trying to draw our attention to what seems to have been itching him and preventing him from sitting on his desk. As if he realized that other colleagues were either busy on their desks or trying very hard to avoid him, he took courage and came directly to me and without mincing his words. He politely said “Yaba” It is unbelievable that a pastor of the church was pulled from the pulpit and taken away by uniformed security like officers and later killed in cold blooded. He was taken from the church together with three other church members in Lainya. It is unbelievable why some people should capture or pull away a man of God from the safety of the church while praying. All along, l have always respected the church and pastors and l thought other people were like me. How on earth can this happen even if there was something to be settled, must it be done in the house of God. Yaba tell me why are human being becoming animals unknown to others and do things which are not supposed to be done under normal circumstance. My colleague was so worked up that he was almost getting out of control, but l cooled him down and told him few things that make people go to extreme and sometime out of their control. There are frustrations, stresses, and empty pockets to deal with. These coupled with economic meltdown, denies many their livelihood and could be tempted to make men act like animals.It is very unfortunate for the pastor to meet his death this way. I do not want to be a judge for any purpose until the investigations are over and the culprit behind the heinous act brought to book. It should not be just a lip-services or roadside announcements normal with the promises of “no stone will be left unturned” until those involved are brought to book. Security personnel must take up the challenges and work round the clock if they are sure to convince and change people’s already spreading perception that, the pastor could have been a victim of external hands over unknown reasons raising questions as to who would want to kill or eliminate the man of God. It may take time to come out with the results or reasons of the killing due to a number of reasons, but what is important is that the church was aware and was following the progress of the investigations keenly to find out the truth behind the church attack, capture and killing of the pastor and three members which included a ten years old youth. This act has sent fear that if a church could be attacked, then how safe is the common-man. How safe is it for those in essential but sensitive profession. It has been almost a daily case of murder and killings of humanitarian workers

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