Sometimes life can lose its meaning

By Ngor Khot Garang

I have a friend who just lost his child a couple of days ago. The baby was born and joy was the apparent thing to note on the sight of the bouncing baby boy but hours later, only tears were left on their faces. The young couple has been waiting for this child for nearly 10 months but when the baby was finally born, they were overjoyed. It was a victory after months of waiting to see one’s first born child. But God on the other hand was doing something unthinkable and the result brought the young couple on their knees leaving them mute and confused. God took the love of their lives and left them roiling in excruciating pain. What is going on or is their world falling apart? They could not understand.

But how could God gives them the baby in the first place and ended up taking him back? This is the world we are living in and it has always been like that. There is nothing we can do but to patiently wait for another chance even when it would never come. But this young couple, like many other people down there and as far as their ages are concerned, their expectation was far from what God has just done. They never knew that God was going to rob them of this beautiful kid. However, and like many people, they want to see this kid grow. Their wish was to do everything they could to make sure that this kid live life to its fullest. They want to see him through education and watch him succeed in life after the completion of his education. But God took him when they needed him most. Why God did chose to abandon them even when they were so sure that he had their back. The young couple has tried to understand what they have done to deserve this pain but they couldn’t. Sometimes when we give it too much thought, we get drawn to the edge of pain that cut deep through our souls instead of waiting for God to take another step.           

At some points, God existence seems meaningless when we expect him to do us some favor and he disappoint us instead. But in truth, he exists and there will come a time in our life when he is surely going to pay us for everything that has happened in our lives. However, many people are like this young couple, they are facing myriad of problems and they often wonder what they could do to overcome these obstacles. Maybe at one point or the other someone was expecting something new but it didn’t work out well and the grief is the only apparent thing to behold.

On the other end, there is someone who wants to commit suicide because of similar or worse problems that challenges one to question his existence: “ Did God created me for a reason or something else, or am I here by accident or does God truly have a plan for me?” We ask ourselves and we couldn’t find suitable answers. This is the way it is. There is no segregation or bias. God doesn’t discriminate against his own creatures, so if you are facing one problem after the other, it doesn’t mean that God is treating you unfairly, in fact, if there is one thing we should know before we curse God, it is an undeniable fact that God is for everyone and he will always be there for everyone.

We can loss hope in the economy of the country. We can as well loss trust and confidence in the government but not God, even at your weakest point when you feel like the last thing you could do is to just die, you must believe that God will wipe away all your tears and heal all your wounds. We must exude hope because it is all that we cannot live without even when all else seems to go against us, hope will always stand and it is through it that we must discover God’s true purpose for our life.

Even in darkness when everything is beset by fog of uncertainty, there is a reason to believe that hope will lead us through. We must cross the valleys and climb rocky mountains even when our hope is of toothpick’s size. 

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