Editorial 3rd July 2018


From last Friday, two days after the signing of the ceasefire agreement, the stubborn US dollar has been nose-diving with supersonic speed. On that Friday, it is said the USD was between 32, 000 and 33,000 but between that time and yesterday the situation was reading differently, the rate had gone down to between 23,000 and 25,000SSP against a 100 USD. If it continues like this and the expected peace in the country, there would be a first track change in the economy. It is only wished the SSP should remain steady and be available for the common man for their purchase and market needs. What should not happen is that whatever is taking place should not derail the process of peace which has been so elusive for a long time. There must come a time of full stop and that time is now. Reports that skirmishes and killings were still being experienced in parts of the country should come to a stop. We have said here before that forces on the ground should respect orders from their respective commanders. And adhere to the rule of law of ceasefire as agreed on and signed in Khartoum the capital city of Sudan. Provoking situations should be avoided by all inclusive and future positive agendas given priorities at this time when even those living as refugees, IDPs and those in diaspora express their heartfelt hope of coming back home and continue with normal life. One should ask himself/herself why such a big number of refugees crossed to the neighbouring countries seeking shelter and other necessities. Time will come when topics of conflicts and hostilities are considered things of the past. Why can’t that time be now? Why can’t the country embark on more straight forward agenda beneficial to all now? Why can’t all inclusive embark on the journey to harmonise peace now? These many whys need to be given attention right now.

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