Somebody triggers political earthquake precariously

By:-Chairman Manyang Parek von Chief Parek

It is true that somebody has apparently fueled up political conflict in this country that has risen the temperature to an extent of triggering political earthquake preciously. This action done was uncalled for as we know that history has time and again shown that unlimited power in the hand of one person or group in most cases means that others are suppressed or oppressed or otherwise other powers curtained within the society.

Moreover, this practice does always generate misunderstanding that leaded to political conflicts resulting into political crisis and violence that ended in war within the nation. It does often occur due to power struggle for control of status quo being the only way of monopolizing resources for making   maximum wealth within the country.

In fact, these confused warlords of SPLM origin, do always practice maximum corruption as a way of making more wealth which is definitely greed without doubt. They, of course, regarded themselves more important to an extent of considering themselves to be above the law as is well stated in our constitution.

In this view, the President has single handedly created this ongoing political conflict between him and General Paul Malong for no good reasons. Apparently, it is unnecessary conflict that has generated serious concern within our people and international leadership of good will for that matter.

It is a conflict which is uncalled for as nobody is interested in engaging in war campaign anymore. Truly enough is enough, it is high time that for these untamed warlords to come to their senses and stop their creation of conflicts to allow our people to live again in peace and harmony.

Their cause of crisis and violence has in fact led to death of many innocents people in this country for no good reason. It is proved that the President himself has been the one who does  frequently trigger quarrel among fellow  comrades that has created hatred and mistrust among themselves, especially, by pressing wrong baton against former Chief of staff, General Pual Malong Awan.

Although at times he does it intentionally in order to remain in power forgetting that a true leader of the people should not always fight his citizens instead he must take care of them within the nation. More lest he should not turn blind eye on law by deciding wrongly to send troops to surround resident of Paul Malong against the law and that is regrettable and unacceptable.

That kind of act is seen by our people as provocative because it can lead to war among citizens for nothing. In this sense, it is of course a political earthquake whether created consciously or unconsciously although that is a precarious situation that needs to be resolving very quickly and carefully.

It is true nobody is above the law according to the constitution of the nation.  Whether being President or not law is above all of us according to the constitution meaning that no individual citizen is allow to use military force against fellow citizen. In this regard the army is just for protection and defends of the whole nation without doubt.

The right thing the President should have done was to take General Pual Malong before the court to be proved either guilty or not. By involving military forces in the affairs of civil administration instead of protecting and defending the country is wrong. The focus should only be on external enemy that is seen as threat to the country.

Military people does not involved in civil activities not to create insecurity on tribal and ethnic lines. Their excise of power against the people is seen by our people and international community as a dictatorial regime of first order. As they do terrorize, harass and intimidate fellow citizens which lead to more death of citizens today.

In spite the deployment of military forces against citizens as if we are not democratic society who does believe in principles of democracy, freedom and rule of law is wrong. It is time for them to delink themselves from civil activities than using iron hand instead of reversing wrong done immediately.

This rational need third party to be involved before political crisis do escalates to uncalled for wars. Whether his set free the question do still remain what wrong has he done? While the President himself should step aside from power as our people have lost confident in his leadership because of his bad governance without maintaining security. His way of running the system of governance is extremely problematic without promoting development within the nation.

In this, therefore it is better for IGAD, Troika, AU, UN and United States to step in and established National Government made up of technocrats to rule the country for period of three years. But government should be headed by neutral body such as Chairman of Sudanile Christian Democratic Party (SCDP) or by any other person beside.

After all SCDP has never got involved in their senseless war campaign. Here, it is with the word of truth before God supreme as I have learned this hard truth when the relief of collapse of the nation after right action took place. Although we were not close we fought endlessly to achieve our goal and objective despite some never understood our rage neither understood the nation ambivalence.

Thus for the sake of our people we overcome our prejudices in order for our nation to rise above itself. This period now is of reconfiguration of memory where political possibility can prevail. Nation becomes the product of collective transcendence where the survivors who amazed the world of wealth with readiness to forgive with their nobility and generosity of spirit of people have miraculously made it possible.

This way man is delivered from revenge which for me becomes the bridge to highest hope and is imperiled in the past.  These does speaks as an oracle that foretells the future of what was possible in the memory of man. Those who are harmed can be than repaid by the punishment and suffering of the one who has harmed them.

Such presumption is both political and theoretical ramifications which always matter most. But it does risk inciting a potentially endless cycle of revenge as underlying assumption does means justice that entails taking pleasure out of suffering of others which is sad as it cannot make change to come by.

At any rate we might think there is something that can stay just as it is without ever changing for a little while which is wrong. It is just the way they are as life would not be life without movement, dynamism and flow. Living things come into beings to grow and develop meaning that they do exist up to the future.

Although there are decline and depreciation and die meaning that things can stay forever in other words anything never remain static. Even for the duration of time that you can remain focused on such as the body.

As you are now reading this article, is there any sensation that is not changing subtly? How do we know we are embodies through the senses? Does anything we experience through the senses stay the same? If there is something that seems not to be changing how long can that last? You will have to move, to eat or sleep or go for short call here what happens to those sensations which seems to be solid? Is there anything that does not change or a movement in time when the light remains just as it is?

Well these questions are puzzling to those who fear to think. We realized that our problem is more than that not because things never change, or we change, or that other people change. Human being does operate from an underlying assumption that they don’t and should not or won not without getting our heads around the truth. Instead we act as if it is not happening to us or things stay as they are which is wrong.

If no change we get upset, depressed, anxious and fearful from one other within the society. Although we strongly believe in God by realizing that a nation without religion cannot survive. Thus large majority of people do wrongly assume that religion merely is a series of rituals which is not true.

The truth in that religion does cover every aspect of life as provided within the Bible viewpoint and moral values that we do rely on. A sincere believes is that anybody committed to his religion does strive to earn mercy, blessing, and salvation from God by living the high moral values of the Bible every moment of one life. This means he never deviates from righteousness, sincerely moderation, respect and merciful conduct in briefs, good morals. So people in the societies who practice moral values of the Bible will always enjoy benefits that are desired by everyone.

However, lack of believe in some people within the society does make children especially in our day often rebel against their parents as they fail to discriminate between rights and wrong which make them assume aggressive attitudes.

Meanwhile parents who do not teach their children what is right and good are prove to be bad guidance’s. They never manage to get along with other parents neither with each other. Well love, respect and solidarity do surrounds the family when the society is to be in peace and harmony.

The family becomes the basic unit of the state meaning that a strong family structure does strengthen the society. Conversely, families with weak structure, bereft of spiritual values, love, respect, solidarity and loyalty, are a threat to the welfare of a state which is the case in our country. Some evil circles do make it their goal to establish primarily on material benefits as they are motivated by greed for more wealth by controlling status quo. They are blind by materials disregarding family members being the merits of spiritual values, like love, brotherhood, solidarity, self—sacrifice and loyalty.

The existence of an upright nation becomes impossible due to degeneration that has affected family and spread to the entire society. Take for instant in our schools and among friends and some close relatives there are evils things that are taking place such as envy, deception, ridicule and gossip due to bad orientation replacing love and respect of people.

Unfortunately it is hard for anyone to defend the rights of others when it comes to seeking justice without mercy and understanding the views of disadvantage in South Sudan. It is impossible for members of community as every individual is opposed to disbelief if allegiance is declare to one state without general love of the citizens.

This means people are pitted against one another resulting in bloodbaths while some people are highly practicing forms of immorality of cruelty and unscrupulousness. By those who assume Darwinism remote from religious values with no faith in God and are prone to accept Darwinist indoctrination.

They are turns into persons who easily kill innocent people or rebel against their state any time. Like previously peaceful citizens refer to as Stalin, Lenin and has massacre by viewing man as an animal who replaced people with love for God, religion and country. Moreover to talk about future we do reveal more about how we understand the present that make reliable predictions for tomorrow.

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