Complaints being directed against traffic police of harassment are not far-fetched. They are real and indeed motorists, drivers and bike riders are getting rough with the white uniformed officers on flimsy excuses and exaggerated traffic offences. It has become a nightmare when one is stopped and the officers start demanding this and that ending with drummed up charges. It is worse with foreign drivers who could be brown in colour. They are the victims and it is like they are mostly the only offenders on the road. President Salva Kiir Mayardit himself on a number of occasions warned the traffic police or any security organ against harassing motorists or members of the public including foreigners. The traffic officers should be taught not to use jangle laws in enforcing their responsibilities to the public. The department needs to expose some of these officers to various internal and external training to enable them understand better what was required of them. They should know their behaviours can destroy or portray a positive image of the country. The intention of finding faults with foreign drivers or motorists are a bit wanting which should not be the daily occurrences. Most of these foreign motorists are doing something in the economic set up and should be encouraged instead of being discouraged. Indeed the laws should not be applied selectively and where one has committed an offence by breaking the law including motorists, they should be punished according to the law covering such without fear or favour but not intimidations. The top notch in the traffic police hierarchy should not relax until they help change the perception of some of their officers who still believe that bullying and intimidation is what it takes to be a good officer. There should always be harmony and understanding that they are dealing with their brothers and sisters.

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