Editorial 17th June 20 2018

To develop a good understanding for the collective betterment of all inclusive, there must be a room to understand one another and to support with relevant information best needed at that particular point. Journalists, like all other professions, have their role lined up among them to educate, inform and entertain the public. They are the fourth estate playing the major role of public watch-dog. Where there is a doubt among public concern, journalists and the media play major role. In many situations they have managed to put the authorities on their right position to come to reality that they are not their own masters but public servants. Recent case that our own reporter was in the court corridor seeking for information regarding “justice delayed is justice denied” and threatened by a senior judiciary administrator for dare consequences if ever he publish the story is something to worry about. What would that official be hiding and or what does he not want the public to know about the case beats all logics. In open society open flow of information help in correcting some obvious mistakes which are detrimental to public concern or service delivery. Institutions like the judiciary should be in the forefront of giving public information without much ado because they are serving the able and the unable, the fortunate and the unfortunate. Why should a simple case of dispute which has taken almost seven years to solve be considered a threat unless the official is working behind or against the oath of office which he took which requires him to serve all equally and deliver justice as it may be within a reasonable time without putting the disputing parties into more agony and waste of limited resources. Those who think they can bend the law to suit their cause will soon find themselves in unprecedented situation. It is for the good of all that some should not feel they own others and can easily intimidate them. It is not a civilized way of life.


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