On Tuesday two Members of Parliament at the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) reportedly fought over seats. The hall was parked to the brim as the Finance Minister was presenting 2018/19 fiscal budget.

While fighting in parliament has become a common thing in some countries such as South Africa and Uganda.

But to some extend those MPs in South Africa and Uganda may deserve some credit unlike the one at the TNLA. The fights witnessed in the Uganda and South Africa parliaments were necessary evil due to the controversy of the topics.

It is unrealistic for the MPs to fight over a seat as if they were in primary school. Fighting was very rampant in at one point or another for things like seats thanks to modern learning technologies for improving the class rooms today.

It is very shameful indeed if the MPs fought over a seat. Then how shall they fight when the assembly is expanded to 550 legislatures as per the current proposal by IGAD mediators in Khartoum?

This means that our parliament is far below the international standards and needs to be equipped with modern accessories. The main Hall also needs to be expanded to accommodate all members.

To be called an honorable person requires a lot of effort to live up to that title. According to the English dictionary, An honorable person is someone who believes in truth and doing the right thing — and tries to live up to those high principles. The person must be honest, moral and ethical.

Physical confrontation in parliament among the MPs must not be encouraged. In any case if there would be a commotion in parliament, it must be for the common good of the ordinary people whom they represent but not over seats.

The lawmakers are supposed to be the most law abiding citizens in the country because it looks very odd if an MP is caught on camera breaking the law. How would children and their household take it..

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