Some member in National dialogue raised public doubts.

By Kidega Livingstone

Some members of National Dialogue Steering Committee are concerned about people doubts whether the National Dialogue Steering Committee would forward their resolutions during consultative conferences to the government.

The members said the committee should be committed in discussing the resolutions framework to get rid of fear and worries from the citizens that their voices could not reach the government.

Last year the National Dialogue Steering committee done a grass roots consultations with the citizens in the regions by collecting their voices over the Country problem as one way to bring peace in the country.

Speaking during the second day of discussion of chapters of the resolution framework, implementation and follow up mechanism, Natision Loluke Manir raised the concern and said there is a need for the committee to discuss the documents and passed them.  This is in order to avoid fear from the communities that their voices that they aired during conferences may not reach the government.

He described the fear and worrying as “real and serious” the citizens and some members of the steering committee of the dialogue are in doubts.

“The fear among our people is serious they are not sure of the implementation of the resolutions. There is also fear of constitution weather we can come up with the constitution that can take this country forward. We need to remove this fear by acting,” said Loluke.

The resolution framework and recommendations documents contained the voices of the citizens will be handed over to the Executive of the government   during the national dialogue conference for implementation.

Mary Apai one of the Steering Committee members said that people fear that all what they have said during the consultations would not come out, so there should be more efforts for committee leadership to solve this.

She said these documents have many functional structures that national dialogue can adopt and use to  help institutions work effectively toward peace and development.

“We do not want national dialogue to die a natural death. My fear is how these bodies created as shown in the documents will interact with each other as well as with those in the government,” said Apai.

“There are so many resolutions that have not been implemented, so how is this documents be implemented and the time is going,” she added.

National dialogues implementation and follow-up mechanism have three components that include implementation authority, oversight council and annual national dialogue conference. Up to now the National Dialogue Steering Committee hasn’t established when they will conduct the national conference.

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