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Some cultures encourage trafficking of persons

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Undersecretary in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Dr Gabriel Isaac Awou yesterday said that some South Sudanese cultures encourage the trafficking of persons.

The official made the remarks during the public consultation on the accession of the convention on transnational organized crime and its supplementing protocol, in particular, the protocol to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in persons, especially women and children.

Speaking during three-day consultation, Awou said that some cultural practices can be considered as trafficking of persons and therefore people should be careful.

“At least a recent, it was discovered that there is a serious practice of smuggling and trafficking through theRepublic of South Sudan, leave alone that there are other things that can be considered as trafficking of persons, for instance, if you see that girl and say she should be married off for cows, now how do we call that, this is not happening elsewhere rather in South Sudan, this is trafficking of persons and it’s a crime and we should be careful,” he explained.

 Awou requested the police, security and other Law enforcement agent to look into the issues of trafficking of persons and to take it seriously.

“Especially my colleague, the legal practitioner, Police, Security, you need to take care, if we are not serious as law enforcement agent and still allow this practice then we are a problem, “he added.

Meanwhile, Awou further said that the ministry is ready to submit the document to the Assembly to be passed.

“The Ministry of Justice and the government for sure that after weaccomplish this work to theexceeding, the minister of justice will take it up and the Members of the Assembly will be ready to pass the bill and it will be rectified,”

“So please with this public consultant, we need to discuss it even in our local level, we need to discuss it, this is a responsibility for all of us, “he said.

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