Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

One would be tempted to ask how safe are Christians or church followers not only in the country but in most parts of the world. The faithful have been treated to so many dramas that would only befit “Hollywood or other woods of this world in the movie industry that has left many wondering which is the true church of the real living God. It has reached a point where we must all seek the almighty’s intervention. The almighty should sympathize with the innocent flocks being driven from one point to another with well-intended blur-print to seek heavenly intervention.  From television to other media outlets that aired out the men of God in their robs or suits tailored for their business trade, it has become obvious that there are so many so called churches which do not conform to the Christians’ teaching doctrines. Where in the holy book are women required to go to prayers without covering their breasts or without their private clothes, under-wears included) Women due to their vulnerabilities are the most targeted culprits and because of their urge to pray they are easy target of these mushrooming well-dressed and well-preserved preachers whose main aim rests on fleecing their followers. Some of these so called men of God have enriched themselves with the sweat of people whom they are supposed to nurture spiritually.  Where are they heading the flock of the almighty to? Differences and quarrels over leadership with individuals positioning themselves have been the order of the day. There are so many scandals in the church today which are creating uncertainty and worry to the people of God. Who is going to salvage the situation? It is not of any importance to point a finger to anyone at the moment, but to ask for salvation because some people leading or ordained to be church leaders have gone bonkers. They cannot reason or stand to articulate the mandate bestowed to them by the Creator, instead they are cheating their ways to wealth and riches gained from crying souls. Who then will lead the flock to the respected word of God and to his kingdom? Some people who do not want to associate with these occurrences or happenings have called it a quit and do not go to church. They instead preferred praying inside their bedrooms or their houses because they do not want to cheat their ways to God. When my friend told me the number and statistic of mushrooming so-called churches in the country, l was taken aback, afraid of what may be expected in future. The unexpected can happen that is why there is an urgent need to have a controlling body that can vet and authorize the establishment of a church in any part of the country as long as the law is followed and the same should conform to the teaching of Christ.    

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