SOMBRE mood grips late Lual’s homes

By Nema Juma

Sombre mood engulfed and gripped the homes of the late Lual Akook Wol Kiir with hundreds of mourners streaming in and out crying and weeping over their departed loved one.

Mourners including women and men milled in and out of the two adjusted home of the late in Thongpiny area to pay their last respect and to witness the real departure of Lual who died after land skirmishes in Shirikat, Juba which left five people dead. Juba Monitor visited the homes and witnessed the crowd milling in and out of the two compounds. However, the team could not take any photo due to the prevailing security situation at the scene.    

Some of them were wiping as they sit under the tent erected to provide shade at the funeral homes adjacent to one another.

They were mourners consulting one another in sombre mood, an indication that the crowd were in mourning.

Earlier the Ministry of Interior said it had prepared fifteen ambulances to escort the remains of those killed during the Shirikat incident and had informed the families of the decease that whoever was readycould come and pick their loved one including the late Lual.

In an exclusive interview, the South Sudan National Police Service, spokesperson Maj. Gen Daniel Justine said the Minister of Interior said, “We are not concerned with the funeral. Ours is the legal and security measures. After the Doctor has written a report about the cause of death, as police we ask the relatives to come and take the body of their loved one.”

He warned those circulating false information on social media about the Shirikat incident and the whereabouts of the dead body of Late Lual.

Maj. Gen. Justine stressed that the security situation was normal at the moment adding that the police were doing their work as usual.

He said that there was no need for the family to mourn their loved one publicly including Lt. Col Lual because of the deadly coronavirus pandemic as they needed to observe the preventive measures.

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