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Somalis Donate Blood to Celebrate Independence Day

By Nema Juma

Members of the Somali community in Juba yesterday celebrated their country’s independence day after a 10-day delay.

They had suspended the celebrations to mark have it coincide with South Sudan’s eighth independence day on July 9th.

Somalis normally celebrate their independence on 1st July annually but they decided to celebrate it on 9th July, as a gesture of peace and instability experienced in their country.

The event was marked by blood donation by members of the Somali community to save lives of people in South Sudan.

Speaking to Juba Monitor during the event yesterday, the chairperson of Somali community in Juba, Abdullahi Hassan Ali, said South Sudan has been a safe place for them to stay.

“We marked our independence day with South Sudanese on 9th July by donating blood because we have seen there is shortage of blood in the country,” he said.

“We have over one hundred blood donors at the moment and we are waiting for other brothers coming,” Abdullahi added.

He said he has been donating blood for the more than 10 years he has spent in the country.

Zakaria Ali, another blood donor who has been in the country for six years said South Sudan has been a friendly country to the people of Somalia.

“I feel so secure since I came to this country, I haven’t got any problem and I do my business as usual and I feel happy,” Zakaria said.

“I came in this country in 2013 and I have seen there is cooperation within the people I have been interacting with and I pray for South Sudan to have peace,” Zakaria added.

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