Somali Community sponsors handicapped Student from Juba University

Somali Business Community Leaders posed with Gai M and Parent L

By John Agok

Somali business community in Juba yesterday confirmed sponsorship of a 20-year old handicap student from the University of Juba after getting inspired from his story published by media early this month.

Somali business Community Board of Directors held an emergency meeting after seeing story of Emanuel Gai Aliab Chawul and accepted to support him full scholarship, in providing cash and meet other primary and secondary needs. 

Speaking to Media in Juba Somali Embassy office, Mr. Said Jama Musa, the Chairman of Somali business Community called on other business communities and well-wishers to extend such help initiatives to all South Sudanese needy people.

Musa revealed the support package to Gai which includes; tuition fees, transport, gadgets to assist him doing research and covering up others and pledged for catering in near future.

“We are providing for school and tuition fees, clothing and transports among other things that when need arises, we will also provide”, he said.

“We are making business but also ready to help when needs from such needy people pop up like this. This is not the first time, we, the business Community from Somali, help, we contributed and gave those flood-affected people in the Country”, he added.

Abdullah HassanAli, the CEO of Somali Business Community in Juba testified that, he was moved by story of Gai when he read it through media. Adding he is the first person who brought it to the attention of Somali Business Community Board of Directors and swiftly sat in for help of sponsoring Gai in due time.

“After I brought it to the attention of Board of Directors, we took the decision to sponsor the needs of Emanuel Gai. Money was raised following the emergency meeting from the Board. And there is a follow-up contribution from our coffers in future”, stated.

“Our message to other business communities is to follow up the very footstep and help the people in dire needs and not only people with disabilities but those affected by natural disasters”, he added. 

Emanuel Gai Aliab Chawul, a born handicapped was asking well-wishers to help him continue learning from theUniversity of Juba, has finally come to rescue from Somali Community in Juba.

Gai added that he finished his Senior Four in 2019 and joined the University Juba in 2021 where he is now pursuing a Diploma in Economics and Banking. But faced some challenges although he was given one-year of free study by Administrator of Universityof Juba.

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