Somali community organizes a football league amid Ramadan timings

By Yiep Joseph  

The Somali Community yesterday declared 13 teams participating in the ongoing league during the Ramadan festival that will end on 29th to 30th April for both semi-final and final.

This league that was meant for peace and togetherness was officially opened by Somali Ambassador to South Sudan and who presided over the event. The tournament was annually played at this era of Ramadan in order to promote peace and harmony with the host community and brotherhood among Somali people.

The thirteen teams that are participating in the tournament comprise Elman, Frontier, Nile, Midmimo, Blue Zone, Super Star, SYL, Shirkat, Sifo, Halgan, Banadir, and Blue Star, and Al Nasri.

Speaking to the media during the opening of the tournament, the founder of SYL team since 2019 Mr. Zakaria Mohammed Ali shared his excitement and anticipation of having such league in every Ramadan festival.

He also appreciated two teams playing yesterday, Shirkat FC versus SYL FC to mark the occasion of Ramadan Kareem.

“I am very delighted to witness the team I formed in 2019 playing with Shirkat FC .This sends a sound note of Peace and harmony in both Somali Community and South Sudanese community. Because, the organizers of such event are typical South Sudanese themselves, which include; MC, organizers and other technical teams” Zakaria said.

Somali Community is a business community in South Sudan contributing in both social and economic development.

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