Solve your problems by yourself

By Anna Nimiriano

It is important for everybody in this world to know how to solve some problems by him or herself. Sometimes you have problem that you can reflect on it and get solution by yourselves. Others you need somebody to help you in order for you to resolve them. The most important things are to know which problems you need help and which one you don’t need help for. You cannot say anything from your heart to somebody, especially a person you didn’t trust him or her.

However, some people instead of solving their problems, they would add more which could bring you more complications. In the past people believe that if you have problems, you could go to the church personally. They would counsel you and preach verses from Bible to help you. That could work well with people who dedicated themselves to God. And have knowledge of counseling people. Not everybody in the church could do that. Some church personnel were trained especially to do that assignment and they are doing it very well. If you go to those who are not entitled for it, they would release your secret out.

At the end of the day you would regret for what you had said. In the past, our grand mothers and fathers used to say that, if you have problems, go to an old or elderly people. Most of these groups of people you can get them in the villages. Nowadays, such old people are no longer there to help in giving advises, especially to the young people. They die when they are still needed to give services to benefit young people.  In the absence of the above mentioned groups, you need to know who you should contact in case of getting help. For you to know or to trust people, you need to have long relationship with them. You cannot establish friendship with a person within short period of time; you narrate everything from your heart to him or her. What is the guarantee of him or her to keep the information?

We need to learn how to solve problems by ourselves and forgive each other. In case we understand ourselves, it would be easy to lead life and live longer. Otherwise, you would create a lot of problems for yourself and many sicknesses will attack you, at the end of the day you would regret.



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