Church and state should be friends because they are all serving as safety haven to the general public who go to them when confronted with different situations. The two should be able to solve their problems without dragging the same to the public domain. The on-going tussle between the Central Equatoria State and the Christ Church Nakasongola, an African Inland Church, should not have been made to look so ugly by parties who resorted to arm gang themselves and exchange their differences in the open. Arm-gang because going by reports from the ground, the law of the land was not followed. One can only be seen to follow the law if they could reach amicable ground of resolving the matter. When gun-fire are exchanged and people injured then no sobriety has or is taking place. Time has come when the use of who is who for protection should be the bygones. There is no reason why people should fight one another over land which has already taken so many lives during the liberation struggle. Time has come when invoking the names of senior politicians or top public officers for protection must come to an end. There are a number of people including even public servants who do not understand their role just for the facts that they are close to who matters or have protection from godfathers. Thinking along these lines should be put in the dustbin and public service delivery divorced from such thoughts. This land tussle must come to an end.

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