Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I had just come back from my holidays and was under-pressure to have a guest for my Saturday Weekly Talk Show at the 88.4 City Fm. I had only one day to get that person and being the beginning of the year l just did not want to open the calendar with non-relevancy. This year l have decided with my co-host of the Business Focus program, Moses Yasin to go for the real issues that rotates on the development of national economic growth. When l called Yasin and he was also sourcing like me, we agreed that we must jump-start the year issues on economic power base which is or are tailored to soft-land the move to prosperity. After soul searching as l contacted friends in the know-how, one of my colleagues, Mandela Nelson Denis suggested a name and indeed l did not waste any time. I contacted Dr. Abraham Mamer Maliet, the Secretary General of South Sudan Investment Authority who readily accepted to be the guest of the day for the one hour talk-show. This solved, l contacted my co-host and we settled on Dr. Abraham. It was a worth settlement. This man is in control of his subject in the name of economics, commonly referred to as the money-man. Few of his calibre can make economic change in the face-flat of any situation be it for the youth or adults but centred on the economic growth of the country. I am always a student in any subject and always believe in continued learning to acquire knowledge where l am not sure of myself. It has helped me turn mountains down when situations demands. Dr. Abraham took us through the investments procedures and its benefits to the country, the region and the world in general. I must confess that both of us, me and Yasin we were marveled by the soft spoken but, articulate and to the point gentleman who did not mince a professional word to have another meaning. This gentleman knows his subject and what is good for the country through the investment authority. Dr. Abraham considers the youth the important pillar and foundation of development which cannot be ignored but must be given the right to own and belong to their own country. “We do not have any other country except this one South Sudan”. Well placed and important for the continuity of the economic growth. How to administer and propel this kind of approach to younger generation is what should be worked out and be seen to be taking shape towards positive achievements. Collectively a firm foundation for peace and economic development can be set or put in place if the mind of owning and belonging were developed across the border. There are few individuals with vast owning and belonging heart and knowledge like Dr. Abraham who should be brought in the limelight to mold the future economic well-being of the youth and the country at large. This is very possible if all walk and talk the only language required at this time of forward-on focuses of oneness. Let Dr. Abraham and those with the kind of development minds network across the country and make it their point of take to develop the minds of the future generations.   

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