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Solarspell Training Center Launched at Juba Girls

(L) Dr Wani Sule, Jubek State Minister of Education (M) Deng Deng Hoc, Minster of General Education and (R) Dr. Laura Hosman, Director of Solarspell(photo: Wek Atak )

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The national Minister of General Education and Instruction and Empower Kids South Sudan has launched solarspell digital library training center at Juba Girl’s Secondary School.

Speaking at the event yesterday, Deng Deng Hoc Yai, Minster of General Education and Instruction said he was delighted to launch solarspell digital and library training center at Juba Girls.

He appreciated the solarspell specialist director; team from the ministry and Empower Kids South Sudan country’s director for supporting this initiative.

“This initiative is very important because digital library is important. South Sudan has just developed the ICT education strategy and this strategy was launched at the general education annual review which is annual conference of education minister,” he said.

“So this initiative of solarspell is an integrated part of ICT strategy in education. Education is a basic human right and it is a very important right in life,” Hoc said.

He said according to South Sudan’s constitution article 29 and 1; education is the right to every citizen and every citizen means boys and girls, man and woman.

The minister said it was the government’s moral obligation to ensure that all boys and girls go to school.

He stressed that education was the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world, saying education can change the whole world but we can only do that if everybody goes to school.

Dr. Laura Hosman, Director of solarspell and an Associate Professor, school for future Innovation in Arizona State University said they came a long way from Arizona University, one of the large universities in the world.

She said four years ago, when I dreamt of developing off line solarspell digital Library, I never dreamt I would be here in Juba South Sudan and now we are bringing digital education resources to pass through around the world including South Sudan.

Hakim Monykuer Awuor, Country Director Empower Kids South Sudan said through the digital solarspell Library the children could access education material like textbooks by using mobile or devices tablet.

“If there is no text book, our children will still be able to access textbooks online even though there is no internet because it is off line digital Library,” Awuor explained.

“It is also power by solar even if you take to remote areas, you can still use it,” he added.

He said that solar has 90 percent energy and the Empower Kids South Sudan was targeting 10 school across the 32 states.

The director said if things go on well, they would lobby for more funding to reach other states.

“This collaboration between Empower Kids South Sudan and Arizona State University, last year made us to launch the programme in three states which include Rumbek, Yambio and Juba Girls Secondary School,” he said.

“We will train teachers and for students free on how to use digital Library when there is not textbook because our platform is to provide enough education materials to students,” Awuor said.

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