Two wrongs do not make a right a fact which both vice president Hussein Abddelbagi Akol and health minister Elizabeth Achuei must bear in mind that they are servants of the people and not their masters. What is going on between in the Ministry is not healthy at all for the country and considering that it is at the national level. They should instead be addressing issues that could save life like the roaring Covid-19 pandemic which is silently killing people in the country and the world-over. Leaders must live by example and be aware that members of the public are watching them. Whether it was the vice president, the minister or the undersecretary who was wrong or right it does not matter but these are issues that could be amicably handled administratively and within a closed door and dialogue which should be given first option instead of spreading the whole issue in the public domain. Surely this is not the collective responsibilities required of public servants for effective service delivery to the citizens. This is an open war or confrontation pitting top government officials who should be living above pettiness and open confrontation. This is far from what is expected of civilized society, more so, the public service. Let reason(s)prevail and let this matter be solved in a civilized manner  without taking sides to favour a situation which is not for individual purpose  but which is for the benefit of the country and the entire population.While the vice president’s service cluster docket indeed oversees the ministry of health among others, there must be regular consultations before a decision of national concern is taken to avoid similar repeat in future. The matter should be handled purely on administrative.Dragging or bringing in any political tone as others would wish to speculate should be stopped.

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