Everyone living in a foreign country is required to abide by the host’s laws. Those who are not holding required documents are doing so at their own peril. Therefore the law must catch up with them. There is a move to have free movement within the East Africa bloc including the rescinding of visa which at the moment constitutes requirements for all aliens. The latest is the on-going talks between Kenya and South Sudan to have their citizens’ move freely. This is noble and healthy for business and even education purposes among others.  But something is happening, which needs to be addressed by the authorities concerned. Some “officials” claiming to be from Immigration Department have formed a habit of going from one door to another flushing out aliens suspected demanding to be showed immigration papers even in residential areas and hotels without due regards of protocols. Two wrongs do not make a right. It is wrong to live here without required papers until the two governments finalize the move to have free visa movement, but it is also wrong to invade the privacy of individuals. Hunting and flushing out suspected aliens should be done with human dignity and respect. There should be some order of doing things which should not border on harassment and di-linked from brutality. There are cases of cash exchanging hands for freedom. This is a case of extortion and bribery which the government is fighting hard to stop. Those mandated to carry out the exercise should be decent in their approach with high value of morality to those suspected to be living here with expired or without immigration papers they should also be able to carry with them valid identifications certified and authenticated by the immigration department authorized bosses. They should stop threats and demand of money while carrying out their official responsibilities.

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