The Local Government Board has come out boldly revealing they lack staff and facilities to enable the institution operate normally. This is yet another issue which need to be addressed immediately. The question is how long ago this board was instituted and since then what impact has it made to the general public. It seems like they have been in existence doing nothing at the expense of the tax payers’ expenses. A young developing country cannot allow such idleness in the public institution. The board’s predicament is coming out when another public organ, the Auditor General also came out publicly announcing that they did not have documents to audit while at the same time being paid for the supposedly work they are employed to do. How will this country develop in manpower and discipline in the public institutions when the same custodian entrusted with management are the same people shouting loud for what they consider shortfall in service delivery to the public. In normal circumstances, the managers or public servants are required to adhere to their oath of office and code of conducts. It is only an authorized public officer who is allowed by the public regulation act to express the institution’s policies, laws and regulations and or shortfalls in public. Whether this law is being applied is another thing altogether. We must have a working system in which the public can hold those in position responsible for service delivery. If the board and the auditor general want the public to believe them then they must also tell the same public what they have done and or doing to correct the situation or are they not part of the public servants. They are, and they have collective responsibilities for the public and the country. Therefore, their situation like all other currently facing the country should be also their responsibilities. They should do what they can with whatever little in their positions to make a mark in developing this country.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo



The good news is that someone is promising the whole of Juba town a wonderful Christmas gift. It was not until this promise that it came to our senses that it is only two months away to the time Jesus Christ was born. This gift caught our attention when none other than the man holding the docket of Energy and Dams, Dr. Dhieu Mathuok told one of us exclusively that most parts of the City will have power on or before the birth of Christ. The man was so convincing according to the beat-man, the be-spectacle, our SaPT, that he came back from where they were with this man of the gift, sure there will be no darkness in places where the power lines are already available. This was not the only breaking news according to our SaPT. In less than three years’ time most parts of the country will be lit with this rare commodity called power. We agreed and told him that this breaking news needed some celebrations and since It was approaching Friday, we could arrange some rendezvous for the same. We agreed on the modalities and were in planning stage when our same naughty boy SaPT put a full-stop to our planned action. He reminded us that most of the time and towards some serious annual event, so many goodies are hanged to the public by some people. He told us that this is not the first time we were being told about Juba having power within this or that time. It had been promised before and to-date nothing has been seen. His concern was not doubting this possibility, but asking us to suspend the celebration until the actualization of the expectation. This was a major and key program that would turn- change the face and position of Juba and the whole country. It would draw the attention of investors and the business community to positivity. It will bring back the confidence that had been eroded by darkness which was tending to overtake light. To SaPT, the only thing we could be doing now is to pray for Dr. Mathuok, the government and the entire country that the program be a success and peace be achieved for more developments to take off the ground and into up-start shape for the benefit of the entire Nation. For now let the doctor’s promise be translated to reality. This is the only way forward for effective development.


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