Smartness and Gorgeousness

Here in this country where things are getting tough every day, many people don’t even mind of what type of a dress they should put on. Maybe they don’t have money to buy those shining bling clothes. If they look ugly and disorderly, who could blame them? Life is not all about being rich with materials but as long as one lives, journey continues.

I can see now that people don’t dress according to the occasion they want to attend. Some overdo it by putting on dress that confuses lookers. You will be shocked, when you see some mad girls going to a wedding with kinds of “follow me and don’t you see” styles. They buy clothes and cut them to expose parts of their bodies. Provided that there is no dressing code, everyone is creating fake fashion.  They want to show their beauty and handsomeness to attract others. That’s why when you see a passenger moving around, all the eyes are on him/her. Some of them may think they are winsome and that they are being watched because of style or swag.

Anyway it is up to a person to face the costs. Dressing is the common thing which is advancing as the world continues developing. It’s good to be decent all the times if you can.

Some people believe that the outward appearance does not treat you as an honest person in the work place. The simple gab people don’t understand is that being smart can always open other ways to let people respect you. However, in some occupation groups such as sales representatives, actors, and fashion models, the appearance is the most important element to succeed. Your expression may allow you to win something. Therefore it is quite hot whether a person`s look is more important than having good idea. As far as I am concerned, I firmly believe that one`s appearance is important for his or her success. There are mainly two reasons why I think so: to appeal themselves to others more attractively and to present how much they are decent. And indeed it is easy to be associated with everyone when you are clean, smart and beautiful.

First, the well-organized outward appearance can be an effective tool for looking gorgeous to others. It does not take a genius to think that if a person dress-up with a neat style, he can bring about more favorable responses or positive first impression from others than the untidy style people.

Secondly, tidy external feature means not just for having attractiveness, but it means they are very decent and well-organized persons.  If a person is having unpleasant smell, will you stay near him? You won’t. It is often said that sometimes outward appearance gives the exact information about one`s characteristics or perspectives than their introductions or explanations. Most people may agree that the more you adorn themselves, the more you get other`s positive attention.

They also know how difficult it is to keep their tidiness because it requires time, labor, and even money. If someone seems to have attractive appearance, we should consider their decent attitude. Additionally, those people have a tendency to deal with their tasks in well-organized processes as well as their look. In this sense, they can gain more reliability from others, which in turn is beneficial to gather support from others or to manage their social relationships.

Conclusively, there are many advantages for people who look well-organized as explained above. If people want to succeed in their field work, they should pay more attention to their outward appearance.

By Akol Arop Akol

The writer is a high school student reachable via: akol.akol49@gmail.com

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